What is Polish Stoneware?

Want to see this beautiful pottery being made in person?

Many of our customers have been to Boleslawiec and became hooked on Polish pottery because they saw with their own eyes how much craftmanship and artisanry is put into each and every piece.  Ask anyone who’s visited the city and it’s surrounding areas, and you won’t be able to stop them from talking about the beauty of the Polish countryside and it’s obvious impact on the people who create this earthy stoneware.  A trip to Boleslawiec is truly a memorable experience — and when you bring some pottery home with you, it’s one you’ll not soon forget.

Let us be your guide to the ultimate Polish pottery shopping experience in Boleslawiec!

Getting to Boleslawiec
Lodging & Dining
Manufacturers / “Pottery Crawl” Map
What Smart Shoppers Look For when buying Polish Pottery
Factory Tours
Tips for Making the Most of your Trip to Boleslawiec
Polish Pottery Events in Boleslawiec